so far this year, there’s been no big milestones, or “lily-pads” as emma calls them. but even so, life “between the lily-pads” has been rolling along. i was so thankful just to stick around in one place in january, and although february brings even more travel scheming and dreaming, i have just been perfectly content lately. content to be here, with life… not in a “my life is so exciting!” kind of way but just a quiet sort of happiness. my instagram, usually buzzing with photos of czech architecture i pass on my day to day life has even been quieter than usual. no need to take photos or write words. i do realize that february is probably the quietest month here on adventurings, but this time i really feel it. but it feels nice.

i suppose i should fill you in on happenings lately, besides me sticking my nose in several books at any moment of free time i can possibly get between running from class to class like a madwoman. 

last year we spent valentine’s day in a jewish cemetery in

třebíč. the year before, watching foreign flicks, drinking champagne, and eating “running sushi” in berlin.  fancy stuff!

but this year, like the rest of this post, just sort of just quiet and serene. alex surprised me with a sweet pink bouquet and a humongous box of assorted orion chocolates, and the day was spent eating delicious brunch, napping in a frilly dress (zzzzz), going out to a schmancy dinner at a place called olivier (italian), and watching the end of season four of the office. (as we do)

oh, and that brunch? i got the inspirado months ago from time out london of all places for this delicioussss poached eggs, avocado toast, and beans thing. on the right bread, it is extremely satisfying. obsessed. (photo via)

today i picked up my visa for the next (almost) two years! very thrilled right now…. it’s been in the works for months so i am so thankful i don’t have to set foot in the foreign police office for a long, long time.

riiiight before i was headed there, i was unexpectedly gifted this huge box of “pork products” from a recent family zabijačka (pig slaughter) that occurred in a small village near the austrian border. it’s pig slaughter season around here (although traditionally the slaughter occurred before lent got its start for obvious reasons). so you’re looking at white pudding sausage (jitrnice), black pudding sausage (i’m scared!), and “head cheese” (really scared!). thank goodness i just read this post from em who recently attended a pig slaughter event in prague so i was ready for it. because when in czech republic, you try pudding sausage. 

so, here i am, hauling  the large box of sausages onto the bus and inside the foreign police office. if anything should prove that i am ready for a two year long-term residence visa, i suppose it’s this. with any luck, the next time i have to go there i hope my czech’ll be a bit more up to snuff! 

did i mention i walk past a farm every friday on my afternoon commute? this time i watched them break out of their pen! (am i supposed to say something, or…?) an hour later on my way back, i found all of them grazing on the lawn of the building next door and a group of smokers just sort of watched them for a minute or two with a total lack of concern. i had to smile.

with lots of peace and happiness and temps around 5-10°C, winter is an okay, totally manageable thing now. and the fact that it is light after five? brilliant.
so that’s what’s happening these days… just a continuation of that happy, settled feeling that started happening around december. that three year mark, man. and hey, it is true that life is what happens when you’re making plans. maybe i’m looking forward to what summer brings too, but life is pretty okay now. in between the “lily-pad” stuff.

life abroad, i guess i’m here to stay a bit longer.

hope you all enjoyed a beautiful st. valentine’s day full of love. xo