lovely blogs


last month i was nominated by the fabulous bailie of the hemborg wife for a lovely blog award, which was such a nice surprise! i thought it was kinda funny too because i can’t get enough of using the word lovely… so fitting!

the rules of the lovely blog award?

  • thank the blogger who nominated you for the award
  • add the one lovely blog award logo to your post (or elsewhere on your blog)
  • share 7 facts about yourself
  • nominate some other blogs to receive the award – blogs that you admire for sharing stories in a “lovely” way.

so here goes seven facts about this gal…

1) i’m fascinated by celebrating heritage and am officially (in order of greatest percentage): german, polish, swedish, norwegian, irish, english….. and a tiny part bohemian (czech)– go figure. i have a (bad?) habit of proclaiming all of them “my homelands” whenever i visit.

2) i truly consider washingtonians “my peeps”. i feel like we get each other, and i often miss living in a community where i truly feel that i belong.


3) i hate changing my clothes. when i get dressed in the morning, that’s what will be worn until literally the moment i get into bed. (my sweatpants-clad college roommates used to think i was a weird one, i’m sure)

4) i knew the moment i really liked alex when he presented me with a copy of independent people by halldór laxness right before my trip to iceland.


5) there are three different references to music or film in the header of this blog alone.

6) i created my first website at age 11, which was a beanie baby & puffkin fansite on geocities. it achieved a moderate amount of success in its niche field.

7) the hardest parts of living abroad for me is missing spending time with best girlfriends + having musical equipment (electric guitars, amps, keyboards, pedals, etc) to play around on. i think if these issues were resolved (and i could visit home once a year) everything would be hunky-dory. (below, fidalgo island with my favorite keyboard)


and now, blogs that i think are quite lovely indeed! i nominate…

  • ursula of northern ambitions. i just can’t get enough of this fabulous blog. i love celebrating and embracing northern climates and hope that when my european adventure comes to an end and i settle again in my northwest home, that my blog will be as awesome as hers.
  • ian & ebe of back to berlin and beyond. fellow seattleites and current berliners… i have quite a lot in common with these two and love reading about all their travels… and they’re welcoming a new baby into the mix anytime now!
  • amy of amy and the great world. girlfriend just moved to prague to teach english with her guy– a life move i can get behind! i love following her adventures because i can wholeheartedly relate and it’s fun to see another couple discovering czech republic just as we have.
  • belinda of found love, now what? this is currently one of my absolute favorite reads. belinda is just a bastion of positivity and man, i tell ya, it’s infectious. highly recommended for an instant mood boost or if you want to see what her and her husband have been up to around the UK.

i’m brewing up a big ol’ cup of (MUCH NEEDED) coffee and having a rest today in preparation for a weekend likely full of adventure.

so! a reminder to enjoy this autumn season. talk a walk through the crunchy leaves and smell all those autumn smells! enjoy the moment. happy friday!