at winter’s end


maybe this is far too optimistic for me to state at the beginning of march – this time last year when the ponds and rivers were frozen over – but the forecast here in the czech republic now seems firmly rooted in comfortable temperatures… dare i say it, springy?

march has never been an easy month for me, but i actually see spring is on its way. 17°C (or warmer!) days becoming more frequent, wearing the shoulder season jackets in favor of the big bulky winter coats, sunglasses, drinking a cappuccino outside … i can feel it!

although winter has treated me very well this year. it was one of the most mild one in the seven full winters i have spent in europe. maybe this contributes to my positive feelings? but this year i was absolutely determined that it wouldn’t be a gloomy, sad dark winter as last year seemed to be – with good results. it’s only now in march that the onslaught of fun winter things seems to be slowing down, which is when i bring out the list of “march things” that we made back in december – activities and things to somewhat invigorate a sometimes lackluster month. (hot tip: it’s always best to make these lists at the beginning of each season when you’re still feeling excited and fresh about those sorts of seasonal activities)

some winter highlights & things i’ve enjoyed….


– we went to our first ball last month! winter is ball season in the czech republic. i guess balls aren’t something you only see in fairytales! it seems most villages, cities, organizations and schools have one! you can actually go and buy tickets for any public ball, but i sort of had it in my mind that i didn’t want to go to my first one unless i was invited. sure enough, that day finally came! we accompanied some friends to a ball of the village they live in and it was really fantastic! next time (year?) i hope to stay later. karel gott, abba, surprisingly good entertainment, plenty of slow and fast dances, chatting up the mayor, and the best snacks and drinks (i also finally tried the classic czech liquor fernet). in summation: 10/10, would do again.


– our half term hangs in prague and linz definitely helped shake up the winter routine in a much-needed way. i constantly forget that we lie exactly halfway between these two cities (although one is much much larger and a tad cheaper to get to!). it was so wonderful to see one of our favorite icelandic bands absolutely kill it at the punk club as well as enjoying lots of good food and drink on our night out sans dog.


– just how snowy january was here in general deserves a mention. one night while walking home from doing our weekly grocery shop, it was minorly blizzarding – the sort of swirling snow gusts where you can’t even see where you’re going! we came back home looking a bit like this… (above – the coat used to be black)

– finding the coziest, snuggliest oversized sweather onsale for less than $7 (149kc). the czech republic usually isn’t much for sales, but those after christmas ones can be an exception!

far more sunny winter days than last year’s gloomy weather!

– generally feeling extremely happy and on cloud nine about visa news we have received (more later) which is a damn great feeling to have in the darkest depths of winter.

– the oscar nominations this year were far from exciting, but of our weekly viewing nights, i most enjoyed the favorite and poland’s submission for best foreign film, cold war. alex loved roma which is absolutely worth a see. 

in march, we won’t be going too far from south bohemia. i predict themed date nights, some live music, a wine bar evening & and perhaps a dinner celebrating something big at the end of this month which i have not yet officially mentioned yet on the blog but have already talked about quite a bit on social media.

i also need to make headway on studying for my herbalism course as i need to complete all of my work by the end of next month – that’s going to be interesting.

how was (is) this winter for you? what’s on your “march things” list?