february noms

it must be winter because food is largely on the mind again. and guys, i’ve been creating some gooooood stuff lately. my week of good cooking has been capped off by a sunday excursion to tesco to exchange my twenty-five stickers for a $46 grundig blender. THIS THING IS A BEAST!


it’s got this gigantic 1.5 liter glass jug and the base is the size of kilimanjaro. i have been wavering back and forth on this purchase for literally months, as it is really hard to justify buying stuff during my time living abroad– plus, i’ve already lived here over a year without it and got by okay. but…. eh, i kind of need this. and now, i can blend all the things. my first project? cauliflower soup. i see more soup in my future. although i have no idea what i will do with it when i move, (at least) the next six months are gonna be good. also, i would like to note that i successfully navigated two different conversations in my sparse czech about buying this blender. it’s all about knowing key phrases like “i have/i don’t have” and “there is no….”. it helps that my ear for czech is rapidly improving so i can actually kind of guess what people and trying to tell me.

kinda proud of my kitsune soba bowl. there’s nothin’ better than some fried tofu, in my opinion.


delicious home-made pierogies & the aforementioned cauliflower soup happened last night. way tastier than this photo is appealing. 


and i didn’t make this, but i did heartily enjoy it. {sushi lunch date}


i have to admit that i am writing this blog post instead of following my own advice making my favorite travel snack, carrot cake breakfast cookies. but sometimes you don’t wanna spend twenty minutes chopping almonds, ya know? and i’ve got packing and a four am wake-up tomorrow. so there. food forecast for this week: excellent! i am quite excited to eat at my favorite restaurants in the world over the next few days.

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