maybe because it’s the middle of winter and there’s not much to do besides the usual, but recently, i wake up out of bed, get ready, and go about my normal routine giving absolutely no thought to the fact that i live in the czech republic. even to overhear czech spoken on the streets sparks no wave lengths out of the ordinary in this brain of mine. this slavic language that’s all around me doesn’t even sound that strange anymore.

or, i’ll be walking down a beautiful cobbled street on my way to a lesson and pay it absolutely no mind that i live in a foreign country. instead i’ll be thinking about the lessons i have to plan, what i’m going to talk about, or maybe what groceries i’ll pick up from the store after the lesson. normal, unremarkable, daily stuff. i suppose it takes a year to completely acclimate, and it sure seems that i have acclimated.


every few days i try to snap myself out of it and remember “OH YEAH, we live in europe” which is important. one’s got to take in the moment and not just rush around with plans and worries. added on to this is the massive excitement and anxiety of booking a wedding venue! i can barely sleep lately thinking about all these future plans. talk about “not being in the moment”, eh? i’m going to try my darndest this weekend to enjoy the present and try to unplug a bit from the flurry of wedding (ahhhhhh getting married! gonna have a huge party!) or berlinale related excitement.


it’s true: next week is “spring” break for the kiddos in budějovice… coincidentally the same week that the berlinale is going down. i took this as a sign to fulfill a dream of attending the berlinale: the biggest film festival i’ve ever been to in one of my favorite places in the world. really, i never thought i’d be in a position to go to the berlinale… to be in germany in february and have the time to dedicate to something like this. so that’s not exactly normal. dreams do come true! although i’ve heard that tickets to competition films are incredibly hard to come by, but you can bet i’ll report back with my first-hand findings.

see you soon, berlin! but now, to give a couple of lessons and RELAX. HAPPY WEEKEND.


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