in berlin: ritter schoko-welt


when it comes to my favorite german chocolate, i am a total ritter gal. some big are milka or lindt fans, but i’ve always been ritter all the way. i love how in the states you can buy the bars at trader joe’s, and of course here in central europe, you’ll find them in every store. my ritter tastes go through an evolution: i used to be all about the dark chocolate with whole hazelnuts until i discovered peppermint, which initially i thought would be kind of gross but turned out to be better than an andes mint (remember those?).

so when i was most recently hangin’ in berlin last summer, i was feeling very treat yo’ self even after my absolute perfect monday and wanted to do something new… but also a bit luxurious. when i heard that ritter sport bunte schokowelt existed in mitte and that you could MAKE YOUR OWN RITTER BAR, i was there. (photo via)


enter, stand in the queue, and decide what sort of chocolate you want (white? dark chocolate? a mix?) and up to three mix-ins from a long list (this decision was the hardest!). you fill out a card, order, pay, and come back in about 45 minutes later to pick up your creation. 

in the meantime, there’s a “chocolate path” upstairs to see where chocolate comes from, two different cafes, and plenty of ritter sport shopping opportunities. or wander around mitte and then take a seat on one of the colorful stools outside and watch the world go by.


my choice: dark chocolate with raspberry pieces, cacao nibs, and rose peppercorns.
alex’s choice: white/dark chocolate mix with strawberry pieces and vanilla cookie crumbles. 

if you’re a ritter sport fan like me, this centrally located schoko-welt is a good place to treat yourself if you find yourself in mitte, looking for something entertaining and delicious to do!  the novelty is creating your own ritter sport bar is just too good to miss.

ritter sport bunte schokowelt

mon-wed: 10:00-19:00, thu-sat: 10:00-20:00, sun to 18:00.
französische strasse 24
u-bhf französische strasse

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