on wednesday afternoon after i returned home for the day, i noticed a large white box (with breathing holes… ???) sitting on the kitchen counter. having no idea what to expect, i opened it to reveal this… the most elaborate and precious holiday food creation that has ever been gifted upon us. THE LAMB CAKE.  i squealed with equal parts joy and confusion.

for a couple days this massive cake (called beránek) has been shrouded in confusion and mystery, until i was discussing czech easter traditions with a student yesterday and i found out that lamb cake is a thing. every mamka and babička makes one… and they simply won’t be stopped. you can’t tell them “no”: they will make the lamb cake, and you might end up with three or four different cakes for an easter brunch. so now that i know this, it all makes so much more sense. lamb cake case closed.

we’re hanging out in the bohemian national forest this weekend for the easter holiday, but i have plenty of chocolate bunnies and eggs to last us. veselé velikonoce!