Expat Life,  Milestones

Passport Number Two


2004-2014, R.I.P.

we had some of the best times of our lives, you and i. from my very first trip to europe as the reason to get you, to the last year of your life, when you were really filling up too fast and just had no space for me anymore. people (immigration ladies) told me to forget about you…. to find someone new, someone who had more to offer (fifty-two pages) to better accommodate my needs (a visa stamp every three months). all of the greats are there… heathrow, gatwick, charles de gaulle, both functioning berlin airports. it’s been a journey, you and me. in this age when no one seems to care anymore (about stamping you at customs), i’ll always cherish the memories.

most stamps from a single city: decin, czech republic (germany/cz border) 2006-2007
prettiest stamp: aruba: the ink is such a nice blue and there’s even a little picture! 2008
most illegible stamp: “mickel……..something rather”, from a train circa 2006
most stately looking stamp: glasgow, scotland in 2012. now that’s a stamp to take pride in!


i was a little nervous when i first realized my beloved passport would expire while i’m overseas, but after a completely ENJOYABLE and PAINLESS visit to the american embassy in prague, i received my new passport less than two weeks after my application.

now that’s speed of service. ain’t that america.