Expat Life,  Prague

prague jokes

it rains today. gloomy, grey and dark and making me wish for spring’s arrival as soon as possible. i wanna get out there!

on friday (as i wrote below) we were in prague for three hours in order to visit the foreign poice in zizkov.  because our appointment unexpectedly lasted maybe a half hour, alex wanted to take an earlier bus back because he had work to do for his monthly reports.  naturally i would allow this, but i kept teasing him with things we could do if we stayed in prague for an extra three hours to try and change his mind.  “we could….. go shopping?“ no.  “we could….. go to charles bridge?” no.  “get a euro hotdog?“ no. this spurred a big riff session referencing our past experiences of things we could do in prague with a few extra hours.

  • eat trdelnik?
  • get pushed by an old woman on a tram?
  • walk down the street, step in dogshit, scrape it off our shoe, walk to the end of the block and then step in dogshit again?
  • e-mail our landlord twenty times [to remind her to have our documents notarized]?
  • eat cheap fake tasting hamburgers from wenceslas square at 2:30am?
  • go to lucerna 80’s dance party?
  • get patted down at a grocery store?
  • go to the post office, not understand what’s happening, give them our money?
  • go to the mall, get a fruitissimo [fresh squeezed fruit juice], come back, get another fruitissimo?
  • eat at one of 77 mediocre mall chinese restaurants?
  • get on the tram going in the wrong direction?

now you have some ideas in case you  decide to go to prague and visit me.  it is a lovely city and it’s always fun to go back for any reason.