say hello to my little friend


adventurings, now, with 56% more dog! we have been thinking about getting a dog for over a year now (with a little drama in between: we were told we couldn’t have one in our building, then later it turned out we could, but only a very small breed). as i grew up with a dachshund, it seemed like the best choice for us at this time. alex got to know a bit about the breed with sweet mika from our workstay near oban, scotland, so he was on board too!

and here we are, first few days of december, and finally met our little ferdinand! (ferdie, for short!) the amazing thing about this dog (a long-haired králičí

jezevčík, or “rabbit dachshund”, like a miniature dachshund) is that he has only barked once in the entire time that i’ve known him, is totally cool around other people and dogs (a rarity for this breed!), and was raised as a hunter in the forest (for wild boar!). being a total country boy, living in the city is going to be a bit of an adjustment for him, although he is perfectly happy roaming through leaves and grass… more so than pavement. traffic is still not cool, nor are large groups of loud people. but we’ll get there!


just wanted to pop in and say heyyyyy, our team just took on a new member! looking forward to exploring the ins and outs of dog ownership in the czech republic. as someone interested in owning a dog abroad, especially in a country where you don’t really speak the language, there are like nooo resources out there (if you know some: holler!), which is a bit frustrating. so, it sounds like i’ll have to learn from experience and report back to you guys. 

alex, cindy, and ferdie… over and out! see you soon for a real day in the life kinda post.

would you consider adopting a pet abroad? if you have one, what are your best words of wisdom?