Life Abroad

summer plans

it may be the very end of february and there’s still a bit of melty snow on the ground, but we already have some summer plans in the works: alex and i are going to be camp counselors for english summer camps here in Ĉeské Budêjovice & Ĉesky Krumlov!

these are day camps for children aged 5-10 that run for three weeks in july (four, if the demand is high enough) monday through friday.  we will have english instruction time with the children in the morning, then fun, creative, and outdoor activities with them in the afternoons as well as some field trips.  i’m pretty excited about this because i really enjoyed my summer day camp experiences when i was younger and had hoped for the opportunity to be a part of one as a teacher some day.

besides working at the summer camps, of course there will be some travels.  top on my list is a visit to sweden and as much of scandinavia as we can manage or afford to see– probably not too much on a czech teacher’s budget as scandinavia is notoriously expensive.

other than this, my wish list includes anywhere that is warm and near water.  (croatia? the beautiful lake regions of southern bohemia and austria? music festival in hungary?) new places and travels are starting to appear in my dreams.

for now, alex and i have bratislava, slovakia to look forward to again, as we will travel there sunday for the second time to pick up our visas.  i am hoping for NOT a snow storm this time ‘round.