Thoughts From a Polish Karaoke Bar

i spent my first night in poland at a funky bar in kraków and couldn’t help but notice these thoughts run through my mind…


1) wow, everyone here is a great singer.
2) they really like metal here!
3) okay, two metallica songs in a row is TOO MUCH.
4) i feel like i’m learning so much polish by just watching this.
5) now i need to see the movie frozen because i can sing the chorus of that “let it go” song in polish! it works in any language, turns out. (mam te moc!)
6) if you request AC/DC, i am going to kill you. or just stare daggers, one of the two.
7) really?! highway to hell?! i hate you.
8) now i’m going to request a really obnoxious offspring song just because i’m mad at all of you for your shitty song choices.
9) no seriously, how is everyone so good at singing?
10) drowning pool, “bodies”?! i am outta here.

klub schizofrenia, berka joselewicza 6, kraków. wednesday night karaoke from 20:00.


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