zima (winter) thoughts

// since i’ve cooped myself up for the entire month of january planning our honeymoon, i feel ready to get back out into the world and out of my hibernation! the only problem: it’s too damn cold. weeeee’ll see how that goes shortly. twenty one degrees farenheit doesn’t exactly scream “day trip” to me, as much as i’d love to.

// finally getting my wedding dress tailored and looking at rings, thanks to a lovely student of mine who has a seamstress friend and knows all the best jewelry stores in town. with the czech koruna the way it’s been lately ($1 = 24.5kc… dear lord, please let the madness stop) i think it’s best to do as much wedding preparation as possible while in the country. and hey, it might be pretty sweet to have a czech ring!

// i started out watching the bachelor (just the first episode) to have a good laugh at all of the crazy women and the hijinks. i guess joke’s on me, because i’m hopelessly attached. hi, i’m cynthia, and i love reality tv. but honestly, i find it anthropologically fascinating! and i can say that it’s putting me in “better touch” with american culture. (or something)

// proudly sporting my seahawks hat (above) in preparation for the big game last sunday. which i actually watched monday evening, ‘cause you know, job and sleeping happened. i can’t claim to be a huge fan, but i do love the regional pride thing that happens during these times of sport. go football, yay teams! if you missed the half-time show, katy perry dominated. it was better than beyonce, guys. blah blah, popculturethingsandstuff. end of football related paragraph. 

// your favorite winter activities in the comments of my giveaway post make me so happy! if you need a winter boost, go read them and you’ll have a few ideas.

// slogging through the oscar films! so far imitation game (alright) and last weekend, birdman (LOVED IT). such a fantastic cast, incredible direction, and interesting story…. a true piece of art. and it really made me want to see a play. this weekend: whiplash. do you like to go through oscar nominated films like this too?

// speaking of film, ahhhh berlinale began last night. i have such dreamy, fantastic memories of going to the festival for about a week last year. 

// reading another augusten burroughs title. i can’t get enough of that guy’s story and i love the way he writes.

…and that’s what’s been on my mind lately, from the snowy center of central europe. happy friday!

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