across the pond to glasgow

so where did we leave off?

we had about four days worth of canadian adventure when we drove to niagara falls with alex’s family, who dropped us off in toronto and it was only at that point did it really hit me that: whoa, we’re really doing this.  or rather, to quote lloyd christmas in dumb & dumber: “we’re really doing it, hare!”  it’s one thing to say you’re doing it but quite another when it comes to making the big steps…. like actually getting on that plane.  first of all, my backpack is HUUUGE and weighs more than alex’s (i think 18lbs ish).  its tough to cram everything you might need for all seasons in there!  at customs in glasgow we were questioned harder than any other time i had gone over into europe, and we were asked where our return ticket was.  there technically were some SWA standby tickets in my checked bag, but i didn’t have it handy and just told him it was in the backpack.  it was a weird feeling and we were lightly scolded….  after a couple more strange questions, we were let through fine.

our plane got into glasgow at 5:45am and we couldn’t check in until 11:30am so we spent a strange morning wandering around in the same clothes we had worn in 85 degree toronto in 53ish degree glasglow.  it was friday and the business set was headed to work every which way, and here i am wearing an oversized brown hoodie, long black skirt, and doc martens.  it didn’t take me long to realize that i resembled a seattle gutter punk, so we had to document that.

(westlake park, anyone?)

glasgow strikes me as a nice liveable city, not necessarily one with a lot of tourist value however, but a good place to get our bearings.  i wasn’t quite in the mood to go see museums or really any tourist attraction and nothing but wandering the streets just sort of hit the spot.

(goth cynthia contemplates life and death)

a drink sold at grocery stores in scotland… they also have a flavor called “seattle latte”.  what?!!!!