west side of the state

a week from today i am leaving the united states for awhile, not quite sure when exactly i’ll be returning.

been hanging out in the east side of michigan, specifically the thumb knuckle region. (note: people ALWAYS use their hand to show where in michigan they are from… it’s handy stuff).  while this side of the state is lovely, it’s quite a bit different from the always forward global thinking ways of my washington upbringing.

however a short visit to the west side of the state this week made me realize how different this state is depending on the region.  excellent sushi was had and i experienced probably THE most delicious and flavorful coffee i have ever tasted in my life.  in michigan no less! madcap coffee in downtown grand rapids made me a delicious sun-dried ethiopian ardi pour over that literally tasted like strawberries, no question.  the smell of this stuff was like strawberry jam on toast.  exceptional!  another highlight was gorgeous lake michigan and the sandy beaches of the west side.

also, alex finally got to see my favorite from SIFF 2012 beasts of the southern wild and loved it.