Budějovice,  Winter

any day now



this past week has been a good one– one that pushed my comfort zone and made me nervous (as i had my first classes) but i think the more i teach the better i’ll feel about it! i’ve been patiently awaiting a ton of things it seems: my visa notification and a couple of packages from the U.S. that have not arrived for whatever reason.  arghhhhh. a great week for alex though, as he got his visa notification and had an excellent first full week of teaching kids.  he says “it went as expected”, which i think means it went well.

above are some photos of budejovice from this week.  the town was built on the confluence of two rivers and is surrounded by water and canals.  the center is actually surrounded on all sides by canals, which makes getting lost near impossible.  another thing i really like about the town is that the center is also surrounded by a long stretch of “park”– lots of green (well right now, white) spaces.

in other news: playing chess (sachy in czech), eating soup,  watching the wire and season 9 of the office, and trying out this great restaurant last night called life is dream, the only place around where you can order exotic meats like ostrich, antelope, and wild boar (i got chicken). antelope, your time will come.