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snowy sundays

awoke this morning with the intention of creating an amazing mexican brunch a la señor moose, my favorite ballard mexican joint.  created chilaquiles with ingredients i had already– basically fried tortilla squares under variety of diced vegetables, two eggs topped with sour cream (erm… plain yogurt) and jalapeños, served with horchata lattes.  

this yielded a big thumbs up from alex, who could not believe he was enjoying eating a mushroom, a pepper, and an onion in a single bite (three vegetables he used to dislike).


it’s near impossible to get food mexican food here, and they barely even sell mexican spices.  at nicer grocery stores you can pick up tortillas, jalapeños, and even entire “enchilada kits” like i bought at TESCO last week. really, it’s better to DIY.

this morning the neighborhood is covered with a modest but respectable amount of snow.  it continues to snow lightly, the really small wispy sort of flakes that end up floating up and down with the wind. i continue to remain inside.  happy sunday.