end of (school) year

i’ve been a bit relaxed lately. maybe it’s all the warm weather giving me visions of summer, the constant student cancellations, or the fact that i have only one more week of teaching before our summer holidays, but i can’t even be bothered to set an alarm clock lately. especially yesterday, when i woke up four minutes after my german class had begun. i managed to make it in forty-five minutes later and felt like i owed the class some explanation. i proffered a simple: “ich bin nicht aufgestanden.” (i didn’t get up). they were amused. so much for that perfect lipstick/ponytail/preparedness thing i had going for awhile.

not even the garbage truck could get me down today. i have a long-standing hatred with the garbage truck here because it comes every friday (my only weekday to sleep in) at precisely 7:20, and being a light sleeper, i’m always up afterwards. with all of the racket, i’ve always imagined the trash collectors deliberately slamming the metal cans repeatedly against the sidewalk before just tossing them aside. and then i saw this sketch from louie and died laughing. my thoughts exactly. for the record, i made it to 9:05 this morning. perseverance.

end of year is goodbye to all our usual students, some that we’ll see this summer, some we’ll see in the fall, and some we might never see anymore. in any case, it’s the time of year for student gifts. the best students (or rather, students with the best parents?) know the way to a teacher’s heart.


a balloon-art thing filled with candy alex was gifted this morning. how do they get the small balloons in the big balloons? i don’t get it.
gorgeous rose & peony (my favorite) arrangement from one of my first students that i’m still teaching. they just know me, i guess.


i was waiting at the bus stop holding this bouquet when an older gentleman tried to chat with me. we had an awkward exchange that involved him asking if i was a “russky” (of course), me offering it was very “horka” outside, which ended by drawing attention to my krásné květiny (beautiful flowers). let’s just say learning a bit more czech is going to be an autumn goal.

this weekend i have a lot of travel planning to think up (more on travel plans coming soon), world cup matches to watch, hangin’ out in prague, and possibly getting up to some south bohemia hijinks.

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