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here we go again

from the very beginning of this trip we’ve been on the move, and when we landed in prague i really had no idea how long we’d be here at all.  we moved into a beautiful flat in mala strana with a cool roomie and life has been great, besides the whole lack of jobs and money thing.

however, our jobless streak is over as today, alex has officially been offered a position in České Budĕjovice with an English school that specializes in young learners and will be teaching about 18 classes a week to primary school children in both CB and Česky Krumlov, a nearby small town as beautiful as one from a fairy tale that i have actually visited during my first trip to CZ in 2006!  

CB (as we’re calling it) in a smaller town of approx 100,000 people and happens to be the fourth largest city in the czech republic.  it is about 2.5 hours from prague by bus in the heart of southern bohemia, and home to a university and happens to be the HOME of BUDWEISER.  yes, budweiser (or budvar in czech) beer began brewing in this very town.  not only is it old and beautiful but surrounding by some seriously amazing sounding nature.   canoeing, rafting, hiking, horseback riding, etc are all very popular fair weather activities in the region.  it is very near šumava national park, some great lakes and forest lands, and the austrian border.  it is 55 miles (or 90 km) to the city of linz and even closer to smaller austrian border towns.  my german speaking people are not too far away!

fortunately this position will allow alex to make a salary that will support both of us.  as for me, i’ll be searching for english teaching opportunities to make us a bit of extra income.  not many english speakers choose to live in CB so i am optimistic that i will find some good opportunities, whether with a language school or giving private lessons or tutoring.

at first i was super excited about this, then i moved into a mopey phase that not even tasty buttery trdelnik could cure–  moping around the house for a couple days coming to terms with uncertainty of leaving beautiful prague.  but not to worry, i’ve snapped out of it and become very excited again.  better opportunities exist outside of the city for us right now.  it’s all a journey and has been one from the very beginning in scotland.  now our time abroad can officially continue until at least summer.

a big cold front has moved across central europe and today it’s been snowing hard alllll morning and afternoon. very few things are more beautiful than prague covered with snow.


next adventure: busing to bratislava, slovakia (in the snow) on wednesday for the night!  i’m not sure nothing spells F-U-N like a bus trip to slovakia in january, but we are going to have a darned (cold) good time anyway.