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i have been unemployed (not by choice) for over three weeks, which is normal from what i hear talking to other past TEFLers. the first two weeks were a blast–  it was christmas time!  lots of dinners, events, fun things to check out.

then week three happened– the week that is bringing plenty of wondering: “where are all the jobs?” “should i stay in prague?”  “should i start looking elsewhere?“  the amount of jobs and job related activity in the past five days or so has been close to nil.  i have heard the january was the second biggest hiring time of year in prague but you wouldn’t know it.  many of the EU kids from the TEFL course got jobs right away because it would cost less and be generally less trouble to hire them.

then just recently, a couple of our TEFL buddies got hired easily in brno, about 2-2.5 hrs away to the southeast, and have encouraged us to try to do the same.  we’ve each gotten a couple of offers to apply to positions in other nearby cities and towns and are starting to think realistically about doing this… and about the reality of the job market in prague.

now, you’d think unemployment would start getting boring.  sleeping in because we ain’t got no job to go to (OK, i am actively trying to get back on an earlier schedule, really), job search, lots of reading, drop a CV in the city, job search, plenty of delicious cooking, have a nap (because life is obviously SO EXHAUSTING THESE DAYS), read articles about the job search, video games, studying german, and tv & movies– basically any free forms of entertainment. also, perusing used sections of english bookstores and staring longingly at the titles without buying because books are so ding dang expensive here.  (so sad!!!  there is a library but you have to pay a bunch of fees and even put down a deposit to become a member)

but every day, we make sure to go “have a wander” (in the words karl pilkington). the weather may be bleak as hell and getting bleaker, but with the uncertainty of leaving prague, i want to do my best to get to know this great city as much as i can.  and if i stay here, all the better!

and now,

cynthia’s highlights as of late: my new favorite bar, the big lebowski bar– this gem of a hangout in vinohrady is so tiny and reminds me of a childrens’ playhouse. the ceiling upstairs is less than six feet high and it is likely that you’ll end up sitting next to a giant over-stuffed elephant.  the bartenders are so friendly and drinks are “pay what you want”.  getting euro hot dogs– how a hot dog should be! (enclosed in a bun with ketchup and mustard all for $1).  and of course, making a belated christmas visit to LUSH to take advantage of their post-holiday sale.  LUSH is the greatest, people.  even though i could not read anything in the dang store this time around.

alex’s highlights as of late: karaoke at the globe and the SLAVIA VS SPARTA hockey match, walking around the castle on christmas eve, eating delicious trdelnik.


czechs: big on hockey (from a match we went to dec 30)


went out for a walk and saw camels. no big deal.  (three kings parade, jan 5)


more “three kings” fanfare.  this is a parade to celebrate the “twelfth night”, or the last day of christmas… an unofficial holiday often celebrated throughout europe.


the dancing house, or “fred & ginger” designed by frank gehry.  one of prague’s architectural must-sees.


a bit of a wander from earlier today… a lower part of petrin hill near the street i live in with beautiful foggy city views and castle.  so beautiful here.


took a stroll up up up the street we live on (vlasska)


alex on the streets of mala strana