hi, september


there is nothing more invigorating than being away on a long trip and then getting to come back to your lovely home and cook, clean, read books, garden, run out to the drugstore (like i was doing here, above) and do all of those boring household things that are suddenly anything but boring… in the beautiful warm weather which is most decidedly still summer.

our adopted home of the czech republic always smiles upon us after we’ve been away every august; i have no idea why. maybe it’s trying to win us over again after we’ve cheated on it with some other country. but we always come back to you, beloved czechland!

…and how lovely is it when you arrive home and find that a lovely reader has sent you boxed macaroni and cheese brought from the states? thank you jana – you just get me! and you know i will enjoy it.


so now that i’m back, immediately, i’m using this burst of confidence to tackle stuff. like sign up for a supermarket rewards card, something i’ve been meaning to do forevvvver and of course was nervous to, because that means putting myself in an awkward language situation. to anyone who lives in their home country and is laughing at me for this, i swear, it is hard to get up your ire to do things like this! so i celebrated a small big success this week.

one thing i am enjoying is that i do not feel compelled to go anywhere. as in, no trip planning. it is honestly so refreshing! but we’ll see how long this keeps up. (i’m giving it a week and a half… anyone else wanna place a bet?) how long do you start trip planning again after returning home?

another thing proving that summer is still alive and well in the czech republic: all day boating on the vltava yesterday. as a completionist, i always just want to gogogo and get to the goal, but i’m trying to learn that czech boating culture is allllll about the ride. and the stops along the way, like this one somewhere near zlatá koruna that makes excellent flat-bread placky. paired with a radler, it’s the true essence of czech summer.

being out on the river is always a good use of time – there is no such thing as a day wasted there. i also like that it allows for a bit of quiet paddling, but also the social aspect, with friends in tow.


does anyone else feel like september is the first month of your “new year”? holler at you, teachers!

this month to come on the blog: more iceland trip posts + a helpful, instructional post for would-be czechpats coming up soon! xo