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How to Treat Yourself in Warsaw

a friend yesterday told me, “i looked through your poland photos. every other one was of food, though!”

yeah……so…… (shifty look)

where my foodies at? i was really looking forward to warsaw for many reasons, but in particular, for the opportunity to treat myself with all of the hard to find food and dishes that i haven’t had a chance to enjoy since i moved to the czech republic almost two years ago. i knew because of the cosmopolitan nature of the city that it was time to really go for it.

(disclaimer: this post was written in september 2014 – please double-check to confirm the locations and existence of the following establishments, thanks!)

firstly, when you mean business and you really want to treat yourself in warsaw, the choice is simple. e. wedel’s.


e. wedel’s has been around for a long time: a chocolate shop with adjoining cafe specializing in all kinds of chocolate drinks, but most importantly, the traditional e. wedel drinking chocolate. at the flagship store near centrum in warsaw, this comes in about five different flavors. and this ain’t your regular hot chocolate. there is no milk in an e. wedel’s drinking chocolate. it’s a two hundred millimeters of pure chocolatey melty bliss and none of the funny business.


it’s a joy to sit in the the old world dining room of e. wedel’s and think about how perhaps my polish ancestors before me may have tasted e. wedel chocolate and maybe came to this very location. (maybe a longshot, but i’m not ruling it out) the cafe perfectly captures what warszawa of olde must have been like. my heart swoons. my stomach thanks me. a highlight of my trip. (below, in the flagship shop) szpitalna 8


mmmm, between pączki and drinking chocolate, warsaw is a sweets haven!

turning the tides to healthier fare, i personally haven’t had a bowl of pho (an absolute beloved soup in seattle & in certain pockets of the states) in over two years. and there’s something not right with that. a bowl of pho can cure anything and make you feel all glowy inside. fortunately i stumbled upon a pho joint on bracka ulice (right off of nowy swiat) called pho nam sajgon while looking for another pho joint that had closed. it was a decent back up. bracka 18


what could you possibly want now? vegan burgers? okay!

natalye recommended the most wonderful burger establishment called krowaryza on a cute street off of marzakowski that satisfied all burger cravings. the vibe: blue-haired cashiers & punk songs. the food: several varieties of burger based on what you want the patty made from (i chose the chickpea, alex chose the tofu). all super fresh, high-quality, delicious ingredients. not only this, but i ordered a lemonade and i received… a basil lemonade. basil lemonade: the summer drink of our future, the possible fuel of a new generation. it’s too good. hoża 42


these picks along with the fantastic brunch spot and lively mexican place that made my iffy travel day much better is only a small sampling of how great the offerings are in the polish capital. i don’t think i even touched a pierog at all while there!

whatever your jam is, rest assured that warsaw has the right noms for you. you might just have to go hunting a little bit but assured that you’ll find some dishes to fall in love with.