life after the bucks: fidalgo livin’

first post, welcome.

the weirdest thing i’ve done in the longest time is quit my job AND move out of my apartment in seattle within 24 hours of each other.  as tumultuous as my feelings about my barista job at starbucks sometimes were, i did work there for almost four years.  i do miss my co-workers and regulars!  it’s all for the best, as i am now about to live a travel dream of mine…. and i really needed a change of pace.  also, been having starbucks related dreams the past three nights in a row– pretty weird!

my time up north on fidalgo island has been incredible thus far.  just what i needed! enjoying a lot of beach time, island hopping, relaxation, and dungeness crab feasts. tomorrow i will (hopefully!… flying standby) hop on a 6am flight bound generally in the direction of detroit, where i will be enjoying a michigan summer with alex and his family for the next several weeks. two weddings, temps in the high 80’s and 100% humidity. i’m all packed and ready to go!  cheerio, washington.