my august in michigan is like living a summer teenage dream.  so much the opposite of how i’ve spent the last year, it’s wonderful.  so far, i’ve attended one out of two weddings and drank many whisky 7-ups and danced to some nice old songs in a beautiful reception hall.  turns out “party buses” are a big wedding thing here.  the wedding party boards one directly after the wedding, and the bus drives around to different locations around town, and everyone drinks booze and gets out of the car to take pictures, then gets back in and drinks more booze.

the weather has been the definition of ideal, usually in the 80’s… always warm, sometimes humid, definitely summery.  alex’s family have been very generous with their hospitality… and with feeding me.  yesterday i ate only cereal, cookies, pizza, and doritos.  there is too much meat and ice cream to be had: mouth wants it, body can’t handle it. purchased tofu, fruit, and asian food in hopes of a sort of intervention with myself.

on the trip front: we are headed to niagara falls after the second wedding.  have booked toronto accomodations, and getting in touch with our second workstay probably tomorrow to confirm. this a lovely farm and B&B of over 500 sheep near oban.  glasgow accomodations confirmed.

in short, this summer rules a whole lot so far.