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My Own Private Náměstí


české budějovice is a really beautiful city and has so many lovely spots: česka street, main town square, which is actually called přemysl otakar II náměstí. but currently my favorite place is a lovely little square called piaristické náměstí– piarist’s square.

i had no idea what a piarist was until i came across the term mentioned in the good soldier svejk– a nickname for people belonging to: the order of poor clerics regular of the mother of god of the pious schools. this would make sense because this city has a loooong religious tradition, as it has been the seat of the roman catholic diocese since 1785. bam.

so anyway, i’m walking to a lesson sometime in the seven o’clock hour of the morning, and i realize i have a few spare minutes, so i ducked into this square.



so peaceful, nobody around. that’s why the morning is my favorite time of day.

piaristické náměstí contains many beautiful historic buildings including a beautiful monastery and what is perhaps the most “valuable” historic building, the gothic presentation of the virgin mary church– founded with the monastery in 1265. i never really considered dropping into this square before but when i think about it, it is one of my favorite places to go in the city. however all summer long i would go sit in the park or the square and i forgot about this hidden square.

which is funny, because our life in české budějovice began there. marketa took us to a really amazing pizzeria right across from the monastery. i kept staring outside thinking “i am looking at a MONASTERY right now. i think i will like it here!”


so, it’s virtually winter here in czech republic. (here i go blathering about the weather again) i was lightly complaining about the cold to a colleague today who has lived here for four plus years and he’s like, “oh this is nothing. last winter was not cold at all. the ponds didn’t even freeze solid!” um, what? last winter was like 3 months of solid SNOW STORM if you ask me! they say it’s going to be a tough one this year (greeeat) and that it’s one of those “hundred year” winters (are you kidding me?)

but regardless, i am really quite happy here in czech land. i got a new awesome muuug (it’s the little things!) crafted by a local czech potter and beautifully glazed for which to drink tea out of. i just began ENGLISH YOGA this week. it’s a dream come true for me, as i had given up on any sort of english activities upon leaving prague. not only is it in english and high quality, it is FOUR DOORS DOWN from my flat and super cheap. heaven!

i’m also noticing small signs of holiday cheer… glühwein is back! although it is called svařák here, it’ll always be glühwein to me. and they have just installed these lovely green wreathy light banner mo-bobbers on all the main streets attached to the square. looking forward to more signs of “the most wonderful time of the year”.