football & tea time

hands down, the best part of winter is drinking mugs upon mugs of tea. bonus points if you’re drinking tea and it’s snowing. last weekend we had a proper british tea time (hosted by our new english friend) with a bakewell tart (did not know what that was until a couple days ago) and yorkshire tea– apparently the best brand. hey, as long as it’s a good black tea with milk, i’m happy. i’m hoping tea time will become a regular fixture through the rest of winter and spring! (picture via)


i’ve been a tea aficionado since college, where the other girls in my house would giggle at me for loading a tea pot full of loose-leaf rooibos for a night of studying. this addiction worsened into my twenties… i am the only person i know of with a loose-leaf tea press tumbler. when my friend anna helped me move in 2011, she noticed a medium-sized cardboard box with the inscription, “TEA”. “that’s all tea?” she asked. and it was. 

in scotland, we were introduced to proper british tea time, which usually occurred at 9:00 and 16:00. i’d be out landscaping at arisaig and we would be called in for tea. “but…. i’m just getting started!” i thought. eventually i went in and joined the group– it would be an unfortunate thing to miss tea time. alex mentioned his love of tea time to richard, the grounds-keeper. “good!” he said, “you can bring it back to america with you… introduce a bit of culture.” (below, our arisaig cottage tea pot)


but it’s been nothing but herbal tea for me this week as it’s been a bit of a blur of anxiety (“panics”… something which i may decide to share here in the future, but not at this moment) and a little bit of unexpected homesickness. but can you blame me? the seahawks WON the super bowl!

little seattle, winning things! i’m so proud. i really don’t mind the sport of american football, it’s just the culture of it that i can’t get behind. knitting while having a spot of tea and watching a football game is perfectly acceptable in my book.


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