returning from a trip: pros & cons


hope everyone has had a very merry holiday! we have returned from our snowy austrian alpine christmas and i know i’ll have a lot to share with you. but for today, a smattering of inevitable thoughts i’m always thinking after returning home from a trip.

why you’re so excited to come home from a trip…

> get to sleep in your own bed! can i get a “woooo hoooo!”
> full 24/7 access to a tea kettle and assortment of teas (just basically chugged a hot mug of herbal tea because i was so happy)
> hooray, bath tub! i wanted to take a bath but the hotel only had a shower.
> cooking! what is it about eating food when you’re on holiday that just gets a bit nuts? i’ve got a really sensitive stomach so too much greasy, sugary food can really do me in! hoppin’ on the healthy food express train.
> christmas tree! i missed you and the way you are so delightfully piney.
> don’t have to worry about vacating the room around housekeeping times
> don’t have to say “hi” every time you creep up the stairs to your room, especially in smaller pensions or b&b’s
> you don’t feel bad about binge-watching/listening to anything because you should be out seeing the sights


…and, a day later, the reasons you wish you were back on the road…
> actually, that hotel bed was a lot more comfortable than my own bed….
> heated floors in the bathroom- so cozy!
> reminded of all the merits of having carpeting instead of hardwood floors
> now i feel like austrian food. where am i to get my kasnockerl fix?
> always something new and exciting to see every day.
> practicing a language that you’re studying is way more fun that struggling by with meager beginners’ czech.
> because you’ve walked around these streets hundreds and hundreds of times already.

i guess those are just good reasons to get back at it again. any that you would add to either list?