so, you’re listing your space on airbnb


chances are that by now, you’ve definitely heard of the uber-popular apartment and room rental service, airbnb. (and if not, why?! you can find much nicer properties at a fraction of the price of a hotel) maybe you’re even considering dipping your toe in the hosting pool, or perhaps you are already a host! way to go, you!

but during my extensive, exhaustive, and still on-going searching process to find the perfect rental for my mother and i in paris, i’ve noticed some serious airbnb crimes. alright, not so serious, but there are so many things that hosts do that lessen the chances someone will want to book with you. i’ve decided to compile the most glaring of common airbnb host errors when building your property’s profile and getting ready for guests to come a-knocking…

take your photos in the daytime! this yields a much softer nicer lighting. if you must photograph at night (just, why?!), make sure the lighting is yellow rather than bright white or fluorescent.

make sure there’s a photo of the bed. basically, the reason i’m booking your place over another. no bed photo, no go, in my opinion.

NO bed pushed against the wall. anyone else just really hate that? climbing over the other person to go to the loo? no thanks. i realize space is a rare commodity in parisian apartments, but i always prefer to book a room with space on either side of the bed when possible.


NO bed wedged underneath a really low ceiling. it really gives that whole “i’m sleeping on a boat” feeling… when you’re not.

please take more than four photos, preferably of the actual room or apartment. (not of sights in the surrounding areas) yeah, the notre dame looks pretty rad, but i already know what it looks like.

no clutter. just no.

on that note, don’t make it look lived in.

the idea is for you to style your space as hotel-like as possible.


take down the tibetan peace flats and bob marley blanket on the wall. i can respect you for your personality quirks, but right now, i’m looking for a space to stay. and your place could be so much better without these items that are really isolating to the non-rastafarians of us.

your first photo should make the viewer say WOW! …like this first photo from the artist flat i stayed at in warsaw.

so, not a photo of an oven.


these seem like common sense, but if you’ve ever perused airbnb at length, you know that so many of these suggestions aren’t followed, which is a shame because it  increases the chances that someone is going to book at your property by approximately 86.754%*.

*this statistic has not been confirmed. most photos from actual airbnb listings. don’t use airbnb? get in! and get $25 off your first stay here

travelers, what other airbnb listing mistakes drive you absolutely crazy?


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