thoughts on heading home


heading to my homeland, the united states, in the coming week for the first time in ALMOST THREE YEARS. this isn’t exactly weird to me, because i’ve lived it, but i can see how it would seem weird to everyone else. i suppose when your life is weird, these weird facts just grow on you! 

two years and nine months solely spent in europe. blam. i can’t help but wonder if i might freak out when i hear english around me all the time. or what i’m going to do to busy myself on a long-haul flight because the real last big one i took was in 2011. or if i’ll have forgotten how to drive. (automatic transmission, that might be kind of sad, huh?)

if i’ll have a nervous breakdown in the cereal isle of a large supermarket. or start dancing gleefully, because, well… cereal. if i will know what to do when i walk into an american bank again. (let’s be honest, i think the answer to this one is no. help me)

i thought packing for an indefinite european adventure was difficult, but turns out it’s almost as hard to pack for a month and a half in three different states and one grecian honeymoon, all while deciding what pieces of clothing to switch out and which i will take with.  LIFE IS CRAY RIGHT NOW.

predictably, this may be the last “personal, life lately” sort of post from me before i am back on american soil, although i still have a handful of days left so no one can say for sure. but the whole planning a wedding thing is starting to get real. one thing i didn’t expect is how many czechs think i may just stay there once i get home. y’all, don’t you believe me when i say i have a return ticket? that i am leaving (some of) my things here? but my expats understand– life here is good.

to close, i am so excited. excited for the change of pace, the clarity of mind, and the shift required to help me make the best decisions moving forward.

have a nice weekend, and check out my candid expat interview which appeared this week on anna in wonderland.