travel dreamin’ 2015

my goodness, the weather is dreary this week. two weeks ago i was in such a fantastic mood because of all the sunshine (even though it would always get right in my eyes during yoga), but now we’re back to the typical total spring weather: heavy wind, flash showers, cool temperatures. i woke up to a thin blanket of snow on the ground outside… some cruel april fool’s joke, no doubt.

it’s helped to daydream about fairer, distinctly more french locales lately. i am so excited that my mom and i are planning on meeting up to celebrate her milestone birthday in style… in gay paris! not only am i looking forward to be back in the city of lights this autumn, but to have some great adventures and spend time with my mom, in a place where it’s been her life-long dream to visit. i’ve got arrondissements and macarons on the brain, spending many hours choosing a perfect place for us to stay. what is it about paris in the autumn?

and of course, i am beyond excited to visit greece for the first time this summer for our honeymoon. i’m reading up on my greek history and the best of greek fiction. (any recommendations… that are not written by homer?) photo via

so these are a few places currently on the docket for travel in 2015. it’s going to be a great year!

in more pressing terms, i (perhaps, foolishly?) booked an easter getaway “in the nature” of northern bohemia this easter weekend, forgetting that the difference between early april and mid-april is PRETTY HUGE. 

a couple people have told me that i’d do well to cancel it! but alex and cynthia cancel a trip? nevah. not when i’ve been waiting for months… we’ll take it as it comes: bundle up and drink tea in our sweet lil’ chata (below), bring our rain jackets, and be prepared for any and all elements. (although next year, i think i’m instituting a rule for city breaks only prior to the tenth of april… that seems safe enough)

i mean, how can you cancel on this? wish us luck that we won’t be caught in any major storm! if nothing else, i’m looking forward to peace and quiet (unplugging!), little village pubs in the middle of nowhere, and trying our hand at grilling outside (weather depending).

so, veselé velikonoce, my friends! enjoy your celebrations in whatever way makes you the most happy. i hope to have only good things to report after this weekend.

ps, last year, spending easter in the dreamy heart of the bohemian forest & two years ago, a viennese easter.