cafe day

as we had no plans for most of friday, we deemed it a “cafe day”… this means that the main event of the entire day is going out to one of my favorite cafes in the afternoon, like le chat noir. and cafe days are just so special. for that hour (or two), it’s like i’m on holiday and i’ll order whatever beverage that tickles my fancy at the moment, like this foamy cappuccino, and just relax and take in the old world viennese style surroundings.

cafe days are also excellent for having really important conversations about life. the conversations you can’t quite have at home because there’s always internetlaundrydinnerpreparationvideogames or some other distraction or other that prevents good conversation from flourishing at its full potential. at a cafe, it’s like a vacation. there’s no laundry there to do or something to wikipedia. just two people who like each other talking about what matters most.

the views don’t hurt either.