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Whimsical Toruń

toruń, poland (a UNESCO heritage designated city) was just a hop and a skip away from warsaw on polski bus (which was actually early. what?!) and we arrived to this cute little town with the whole afternoon ahead of us!

toruń is sort of a smaller kraków. the česky krumlov of poland, if you will. it’s incredibly tourist friendly and is the kind of place that invites lingering with an ice cream cone on a bench and people watching. there is ample signage all over and a couple of museums dedicated to the two things toruń is famous for: its gingerbread (piernika) and its famous scientist, copernicus, who was born here.

but if you’re like me, you’ll just take plenty of walks! all the brick designates we are in pomerania– a polish region known for their red-brick architecture.

staying at hotel heban (above) in the center of the city was a great choice. it was wonderful to check into a hotel after many a hostel and holiday apartment stay. alex remarked that of all the places we’ve been in poland, this is the one he would want to take his parents to– a whimsical friendly little town. peak into many of the courtyards and gardens in the old town and you’re likely to find a surprise!

i’m quite glad we made the stop here. one night (and just under twenty-four hours) was the perfect amount of time to soak up the atmosphere before moving on. another sight that is possible: visiting the ruins of an old teutonic castle which rest in the city center (9zl entry).

it was here in toruń that i found alex a döner place that serves (probably) poland’s largest döner kebaps. this thing was huge legendary. we took it back to the hotel room where it could probably be handled without public embarrassment and watched that one british tv show makeover show before turning it off and reaffirming that television is just generally awful.

it was then time to hit the ol’ dusty trail… north to the coast we go!