keeping in touch + giveaway

although i made the choice to leave my home state in favor of some adventures in europe, i still feel very strongly about keeping in good touch with my buddies. (…actually, that’s why i started this blog) i’ve always been a good communicator and staying in touch with my friends and family is really important to me, whether it’s via e-mail or skype, or the good ‘ol fashioned postcard. while i LOVE skype for it’s ability to make me feel like i’m sitting around, having coffee with a friend, there is something to be said for real, tangible mail that you get in the post. 


“snail mail” is not dead with me, and even if i was the last person on earth that still sent mail through the post, i would probably still do it. i used to send postcards to my polish grandma whenever i visited poland (which was twice) and i love picking up a postcard from a trip that reminds me of a certain friend from home. i certainly love receiving (fun) mail, really, who doesn’t?

two months ago i sent a postcard to one of my best friends from prague. it was a gorgeous alfons mucha print that reminded me of her. i went through the trouble of standing in line at my local czech post office to mail it (and getting in the wrong line, sighhh) but it happened…. then over a month later i found that she had moved and would not be getting my pretty postcard. the new tenants are probably baffled at my gushing about my recent engagement. at that point i was feeling kinda down on snail mail. at least i hope they enjoy their new mucha picture.


a few days ago, i came across this innovative start-up postcard sending company called LETTR that is shaking up the whole postcard game and making keeping in touch a lot more fun. how it works? you can send postcards through their website, but… it’s a little bit different. why is lettr awesome?

1) you can CHOOSE what photo from your collection you’d like to send to your friend! you can also sign the postcard at the bottom with your own signature for an additional personal touch.


2) you don’t even have to know the address of your recipient! this is huge in the age of email and social media. in preparing to send wedding invitations this year, i’ve found that I barely even have my own friends’ email addresses, let alone their actual post addresses. if you don’t know your friend’s address (don’t feel too bad), you can log-in through facebook and lettr will request them to enter their preferred address to receive mail at. and they will get excited because they know something cool is on the way.

3) MUCH faster that local standard mail. lettr will ship your postcard within 2-3 days, not 2 weeks as i’m used to with the lovely česka posta.


4) costs the same as purchasing a postcard and international postage at a shop.

5) you don’t have to worry about navigating the oft confusing world of foreign post offices in a new country where you don’t speak the language! ultra-convenient. (this one is big for me!)


so, my fellow travelers, i’d like to give you the opportunity to try out this great service for yourself! the first ten people to leave a comment here will win a free digital postcard to send (internationally!) from lettr! the recipients will be notified on thursday, march 20th. bonus points for answering the question….

How do you keep in touch with friends and family while traveling?