loving local: at june’s end

do you ever plan things way in advance only to realize, when the day gets closer, you don’t really want to go through with that plan anymore? that’s what happened to us this week, as was the first really “summer holiday” week for the both of us, we had talked about going camping ages ago until the week got here and i started having major decision anxiety. (holler to all of my fellow indecisive friends; the struggle is real) really, all i want is just to spend a little downtime at home or puttering around budějovice. it has happened: that sobo life has taken hold of me. (but watch in five months i’ll be in full-on hygge/hibernation-mode again, probably)

this june has been truly one of those months that you dream about in the winter months. lots of those summer things i’ve been dreaming about have happened: outdoor play, annual midsommar picnic, barbecues outside enjoying the light evenings, staying out late, eating all of the seasonal foods, watching looooads of euro cup matches, afternoons and evenings drinking coffees or beer in picturesque squares… june has been very good to me. (i even developed a case of “unicorn hair”, above) initially when i moved here, i used to dream of going here and there every weekend, but there’s been so much activity lately that you can’t really pull me away from beloved south bohemia. (at least, for another week or so, heh)

it felt great to close june with an excellent local excursion to řimov, one of my favorite nearby villages. it is actually a place of great historical importance as you can visit the “stations of the cross” or krížová cesta : a collection of 25 chapels (some of which date back to the 17th century!) along a 5.5km loop in a landscape that is said to be quite similar to that of jerusalem (which i kind of doubt since the two place seem quite different, but ehh). 

now, this local adventure has been on my list for literal years so it felt quite good to actually do it! the local landscape is always so beautiful this time of year and the whole thing was just so very sobo (south bohemia, if you’re a new reader!). we even took a little detour to the top of a dam on the top of the hill, and had a little picnic in the shade to cool off. i loved noticing the local plant life and all of the wild strawberries that lined the path! (was unsuccessful in my hunt for blueberries, though). 

june, you were just a peach. thanks for the great weather and good times… the only way i feel good seeing you go is that july is almost here.

this post is a part of wanderful wednesday.