maybe i’ve made it

happy july, friends!

alex sometimes makes fun of me about how much i love the changing of the months and the seasons… and i guess there’s some things to make fun of. i am so excited i do get up early to go change the page on the calendar (and god forbid i’ve actually looked at what the next picture will be before the month is through; that would ruin everything). i’ve been known to take the first of december off work just to decorate the house before; that has happened. 

but it’s especially july that i’m excited about… the beginning of summer. so much possibility! everything’s just getting started! you know the feeling?
so yesterday, i finally moved my geraniums to the balcony. and they are lookin’ goooood. and then, i had one of those thoughtful kind of thoughts*. it seemed like i’ve made it.

those of you who are from europe may not understand this next part, but for many years now, i wanted nothing more than to live in one of those pretty big buildings situated right off of a city street. to live not even a block away from a “corner store” or cafe… to have a beautiful balcony with a table, chairs, and plants… especially flowers. in europe. it seems like i have finally done it… that is a dream that has come true.

right after i wrote this, we went out to the park for the evening to watch a symphony orchestra perform famous czech pieces outdoors from smetana and dvořák, sitting on a picnic blanket and sipping wine (from jam jars – best picnic hack because they come with lids! below). if this is what i’ve gotten myself into, then sign me up for another year or two.

what is one of your #lifegoals that you have achieved or are working towards? i like that it can be something as small as this one. (or as big, if you look at it from that “big picture moving abroad” sort of way)

*intentional winnie-the-pooh style rhetoric.