Christmas,  Expat Life,  Prague

some photos i’ve taken of my new neighborhood, malá strana.  malá strana (which means “lesser quarter” in czech) is located in prague 1 on the quieter left bank of the vltava river.  this is one of the most beautiful places in all of prague, i am pretty darn sure.  it definitely gives paris a run for its money!  full of gothic and baroque architecture, comes complete with a catheral and, well, prague castle!  you can walk to all of the important places in prague if you should want to from here, which is pretty darn cool.

i’ve been a bit busy with my job search as of late, but now that things will start closing for the holidays i can actually get out and do some serious wandering around here.

in other news, today is the winter solstice.  it’s supposed to snow a bit tomorrow again.  i miss playing my records in my bedroom, especially the mt. eerie ones. i miss having a library to go to… because the book i’ve been struggling to finish since august sucks SO BAD. i miss tinkering with my guitar(s). i miss how misty and lovely anacortes is around christmas time and i miss the ocean.  i even missed seattle today, and walking around downtown in the spring and summertime.  but, it is christmas time and here i am in this great city.  they celebrate christmas on the 24th here, kind of like my family does.  i think it’ll be okay.