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Starbucks Abroad: Prague

so, i can’t hide it. i’m from the seattle area and i love starbucks. i’ve worked for them for almost four years directly preceding this adventure. in fact, i was a barista trainer, teaching new employees the low down on how to make the perfect cup of coffee or latte. so, love it or hate it, it’s with me now… there’s no getting away from it. and visiting starbucks abroad really makes me feel at home. i can have a cappuccino or a macchiato any old day, but i can rarely get a good cup of christmas blend or a gingerbread latte, so it’s something special these days.


recently while returning to my good ol’ home of prague, i took a misty sunday morning walk to the nearby i.p. pavlova starbucks, one of prague’s many locations and undoubtedly the best one in the city.

the baristas are so friendly– immediately i was approached while at the coffee wall if he could offer any assistance in english. this is NOT something that EVER happens while shopping in the czech republic, and i actually really appreciate this american-style customer service now. we ordered drinks and pastries, and the girl barista behind the counter even offered to heat my pain du chocolat! i was beside myself. you fellow czech republic expats gotta know what i mean.



so not only is the customer service oustanding and they made my two pump gingerbread latte perfectly to order, but this location rules because of the beautiful downstairs sitting area (or lobby, in starbucks-speak). because this store is relatively new having opened in 2007, it enjoys a gorgeous modern cafe area with a variety of seating options from red plush vintage chairs to large tables.

christmas music played softly in the background and every. single. person. i overheard was speaking english. obviously i wouldn’t recommend a starbucks in prague for an authentic czech experience, but i would for an excellent expat american holiday oasis experience!

of course i nabbed some christmas blend to grind later….. last year it was sold out a few days before the holiday. be aware: starbucks abroad ain’t cheap! expect to pay at least $5 for a handcrafted beverage while in europe. however, the whole bean coffee was actually cheaper than in the U.S. (equivalent of $10 for christmas blend).


starbucks, located near the i.p. pavlova metro. jugoslávská 2, praha 2


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(below, starbucks holidays at 7th & pike, seattle, 2010)