the difficulty of switching gears


the other day i was running a few errands. picking up some brewing equipment (for what hopefully will be my new everlasting supply of kombucha), stopped at the shopping center to pick up some bottles, then headed back home. a few blocks from my door, we came across a new little hole-in-the-wall greengrocer’s and i stopped in and got to chatting with the new owner who had just moved her shop in while i was in the states. she was so welcoming and gregarious, it just made me happy introducing myself to another friendly face in the neighborhood! it couldn’t have come on a more perfect day when i felt like i needed a boost.

as after every trip home, coming to my other home to the czech republic is always a little… funky. it’s great to see people again after the long hot summer, and of course, i was so happy to bring myself and all my new home improvement goodies and american food stuffs back to make our home here feel even homier and just relax and cook my own meals again. but, there’s a lot of thoughts. i haven’t even had a moment to journal yet about all of them, but they are confusing. it would be a lie to say being home reminds me of what life could (sorta) be like for me. of weekly trivia nights that we already felt strongly a part of. singing tunes with my favorite KJs and buds. fifteen minute walks to the lake from my house (!!!). paddle boarding at the beach.

i have fallen out of my routine here, which is both good and bad. it’s essential to have a break from such an intensive teaching job that i just would not have the energy to sustain all year round. and we love the travel opportunities that living in the heart of europe brings. but i can’t help but think about last summer (in 2018 which i’m calling, “my academic, manic-productivity year”) when my own personal studies mattered a lot to me. when i managed to ‘vacation’ while still studying intensive language and i came back to school feeling absolutely on the top of my game, both personally and professionally.

this past week, the week of supposed “getting back to normal”, i feel like i could sink back into an inflatable lounger and keep summering on.

so, there are a few funks to be dealt with as i get back to my routine here – to refocus my brain, turn inward, and pour my energy into other pursuits that don’t involve late nights outdoors, reality tv, slightly too frequent lie-ins. 

this past weekend though, things have been looking better; more normal. we took an outdoor excursion in the rain (more in upcoming post), i painstakingly cracked open the old dusty language textbooks and we made a day trip to prague today for an appointment. life has started to sort itself out, which i assumed it would with more responsibility. today’s rainy cool fall weather certainly helped put me in the mood, as well. 

summer, i love you, but here’s hoping for a productive and fruitful yet enjoyable autumnal month. anyone else having a few struggles with getting back to things this year? 

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