the glorious oncoming of may

i always adore the beginning of may.

even moreso this year. i know i may have been gloating a little about our summer-like weather on april first, but trust me, i got my comeuppance, because it snowed last friday. all over. big dumpings. and it wasn’t okay. we opted out of this year’s boat trip because of it (of course, the most hardcore went and survived). after stumbling through the frigid last week of april, i just couldn’t get my ire up and was so glad to see the end of that month.

we diiiid squeeze in a fun date night that night at fancy schmancy u solne brany which has a drop-dead gorgeous dining room and perfect food, then popped out into the horrible weather to see get out – has anyone else seen it? wasn’t it just kind of weirdly awesome? then had a cafe day at magnolia which has some pretty excellent chocolate cherry cake and fantastic coffee. (hey, the end of april wasn’t all doom and gloom)

onto may! the month of flowers! (as my landlord reminded me when i passed him in the hall on may day) the month of love! it is starting to kick in just how much czechs associate may day with love. it is basically czech valentine’s day. the tradition is that you should go kiss your love underneath the cherry blossoms, especially if you are on petřín hill in prague (which i haven’t seen yet in its blossoming goodness but i’m sure it’s just gorgeous). 

so of course we had to do just that… and enjoy the rest of the beautiful weather at a garden party with about a gillion dogs and a baby. (hi, friends!) i am trying not to be that person who brings their dog everywhere and talks about the dog all the time, but it is hard. i swear i’m trying.

what is it about the beginning of may? it’s like we’re truly leaving behind winter this week. the cherry blossoms are falling from the trees, dropping their petals all over the park like confetti from spring’s housewarming party. 

hanging around town was so fun last long bank holiday weekend, so i am pretty excited to do more of that next weekend for my birthday, with a little local trip thrown in for good measure. may has saved my spirits!