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Week 13, 14 & 15 of 2024 (In Review) – Easter & April Heatwave

The weeks have flown by and I dropped the ball a little bit, so reviewing the past three weeks: Easter week and the first gorgeous weeks of our current month, April. Truly hope to be on time in about a week from now bringing us current.

Man, besides this cold snap Central Europe is undergoing at the moment, haven’t we been so spoiled this year?

Easter week was generally uneventful and wholly relaxing – even more so than spring break. I was so pleased that it was our little one’s first time participating in Easter traditions like an Easter egg hunt around the living room on Easter Sunday and his first little Easter basket with rabbit and carrot shaped sweetened biscuits! We ate special foods such as a quieche-y kolač with loads of spring herbs and greens and beránek, of course, and went on a little hike around Svět lake (rybník) in Třeboň. It typically takes 3-4 hours to completely circumnavigate it and it nearly always takes a lot out of me! I somewhat silently resolved to only go on shorter hikes with our child in the hiking carrier next time because this is always what happens: we are completely bushed from the hike but Mouse, having been sitting all day is bursting with energy. Not recommended.

The air quality was actually really awful from Easter Saturday on as a Saharan dust cloud from Northern Africa began sweeping its way up north. That day I only popped outside with a facemask to do a little bit of balcony gardening and even after only twenty minutes my throat hurt. AQI 177 is not fun at all and put a damper on things, but you wouldn’t really know that anyone else was bothered as other people seemed to be carrying out their normal activities.

Two weeks ago we celebrated a big milestone birthday for Alex! Fortunately for him, a Saturday, so we started the day with breakfast burritos at home and visited the grand opening party of La Cukrárna on Plachého street here in the center of České Budějovice. It was a darling little morning soiree and we enjoyed our chosen patisserie so much – perfect to have someone else put on a party so you don’t have to. Later we had a park picnic and ordered pizza delivery, followed by Alex’s movie choice this year – Pee-Wee’s Big Adventure, a childhood favorite of his that we’ve realized is quite unknown in Europe compared to similar famous goofs such as Mr. Bean. Nobody we’ve mentioned it to has heard of it!

The weather has just been beyond. Over the past few weeks we’ve even seen days around 30’C/mid-80’s F. April is always a strange one but I have truly loved how early everything has bloomed and blossomed this year. Growing up on the West Coast, everything blooms starting as early as February and throughout March. This year, although I know considered very abnormal for Central Europe, felt good to me.

If I were to say only a few words about the past few weeks it would be: blossoms, sunshine, buds, petals, summer-like heat. Some days you could smell the newly bloomed pear blossoms in the back garden so strongly as they baked in the heat. I tried to explain this to little Mouse and he got confused, demanding I take him to the flowers. It’s hard to smell something and not see it if you’re twenty-two months old, apparently.


My embarrassing recent obsession, spiraling out of control with coffee continues. Nothing is better than a good strong Italian brew with some steamed oat milk. What perfection!

Reading the classic Brideshead Revisited by Evelyn Waugh. I have to admit that I wish I had read this before watching Saltburn as Emerald Fennel drew on so many items from this novel, but I digress – I’m enjoying it so, so much and it’s truly perfect for this time of year.

Last week’s weather of slightly cool cloudiness and rain after weeks of baking sun.

Introducing my child to the balcony and learning to water the plants – now he wants to go out there every single day.

Delighting in all the spring has to offer in this very particular moment in time.

Just in time for herbalist’s day (April 17th!), foraging a bunch of chickweed a week or so ago and making it into a salve. I haven’t done much foraging or creating products for over a year now and it was so good to get back to it – one of my favorite April-specific hobbies as it’s such a rich month for finding plants in exactly the state you want. Chickweed (below) in particular is good used topically in a salve as it aids in mellowing skin issues such as rashes and this humble weed can be found truly everywhere. I found some nearly between my toes last weekend as I sat under a tree with my German textbooks.

Incidentally, getting back into language study as well after a small break. Even as a busy parent, I find if I just place my textbooks at the kitchen table, for example, I’m more likely to read a bit or do an exercise just with a free few minutes. It truly is all about time management, isn’t it?

See you in a week for more April! Have a good one, all.