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“Figuratively” Speaking (Making Fig Jam)

an unexpectedly lovely weekend here in ceske budejovice! yesterday we sat for hours in the sun at a cafe along the river with a new friend (outdoor cafe season still going! wooooo) and today, it was all about relaxation. ie… cooking. because making life easier for yourself the rest of the week is awesome.


i’ve never had a fig before! maybe in a fig newton, but i’ve always hated those. so, i’ve recently noticed their existence– all over the place lately with big sales at the supermarkets and at farmers markets as well. it must be fig season! so i stocked up and decided to have a go at fig jam!


and too easy. i simmered about 4-5 figs (with peels on) cut into eighths, added some honey to taste (figs can be pretty sweet so it doesn’t require much) and a small handful of chopped walnuts. i added a small amount of water to help the simmering along and so the fig mixture wouldn’t burn. after 10-12 minutes, it was finished and into a sterilized jar it went! the recipe called for thyme and lavender, both of which i did not have on hand but would surely add a special something to this jam. a great recipe to celebrate the arrival of autumn and abundance of great autumn fruits and vegetables.

now enjoying it on toast with tea. how british i am. cheerio, happy weekend!